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Listing Type : Imperial Fortress
Location : Malta / Mediterranean

Malta was acquired by the British in 1814 and was quickly established as the main base of operations in the Mediterranean.  With the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, its’ importance increased.

Together with Gibraltar, Malta was one of the key British Naval Fortresses.   While making extensive use of the original fortifications built by the Knights of St John, the British built numerous forts and coastal defence batteries to defend Malta.  The included the following:

Coastal Fortifications

Adapted Knight’s Fortifications

  • Fort Manoel
  • Fort Ricasoli
  • Fort Saint Angelo
  • Fort Saint Elmo
  • Fort San Salvatore
  • Fort Tigne

Anyone visiting Malta to see fortifications can not help but see the numerous pillboxes and other defences from World War 2. For more background information on Malta Pillboxes please see HERE.

To find the Malta Pillboxes on the map go to the home page at  In thee search box under LISTING TYPE scroll to Malta Pillboxes and then click FILTER POINTS.  The map will display pillboxes in Malta only, at present about 60 sites listed.

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