Fort San Lucian

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Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Malta

Fort San Lucian was originally built by the Order of the Knight’s of Saint John and included a fan shaped sea battery and substantial tower.  It was then known as Fort Rohan.

In his report of 23rd June 1866 Colonel Jervois had recommended that St Lucian’s Tower be upgraded to help protect Marsaxlokk Harbour.  At this time the building was used as barracks and armament included five 18-pdr guns, while the sea battery had two 32-pdrs and two 10-inch mortars.

Between 1874 and 1878 the British converted the works to a polygonal fort and renamed it Fort San Lucian.  On the landwards side a new gateway and drawbridge was built.  A pair of 64-pdr guns mounted on disappearing carriages were mounted in pits to cover the land approaches to the fort.  The sea battery was completely remodelled with three new casemates to mount 10-inch 18 ton RML guns. These heavy gun position were similar to Haxo casemates, constructed of brick but with iron shields protecting the embrasures.   On the roof of this casemated battery a pair of gun pits for  64-pdr guns on Moncrieff disappearing carriage were built.  The dry moat was protected by four caponiers covering the whole width of the ditch.

In 1885 the five 18-pdr SB gun on the roof the tower were withdrawn and shortly thereafter the 10-inch RML guns became redundant.  At this time it is believed some Quick Fire guns were mounted in the fort, possibly 12-pdrs.

The UK National Archives

  1. WO 33/18
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