Della Grazie Battery

Posted on January 24, 2021 / 20
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Malta

Della Grazie Battery was built between October 1888 and March 1893.  The battery was armed with two 10-inch BL Mark III/IV guns on Disappearing 1 Mounts and two 6-inch BL Mark VI guns on Disappearing IV mounts.  The actual  cost of construction was £16344, slightly over the estimated £15420.  The range of the 6-inch guns is shown as 10,000 yards (9144 metres), and the range of the 10-inch guns as 15,000 yards (13716 metres). The 6-inch shell stores each held 300 shells, while the cartridge stores each had 30 barrels.  For the 10-inch guns gun each magazine held 200 shells and 168 barrels.

The four coastal defence guns were all placed in a line facing the sea.  The the two 10-inch guns were mounted in the centre with one 6-inch gun on each side.  The perimeter of the battery was protected by a dry ditch that had two caponiers on the seaward face.  The gorge (land) ditch was covered by loop holed walls running along the main gateway bridge. The remainder of the dry ditch was covered by two caponiers.  The site included a caretakers quarters which was built behind a large parodos that ran almost the whole length of the battery.

During World War 2 the battery site was used as a searchlight emplacement with sound locator.   In the North corner of the battery there is a rectangular structure which was built before World War 2 to house a sound locator.

UK National Archives records:

  1. WO  78/4286
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