Right Magazine

Posted on January 27, 2021 / 14
Listing Type : Magazine
Location : Malta

Two Magazines were built behind the Victoria Lines to hold ammunition for the Howitzer Batteries Numbers 1 to 7 inclusive.  Authority to build the Magazines was given on 6th June 1895.

The Right Magazine was intend to supply Howitzer Batteries 1 to 4 inclusive and the Dwejra Lines.

The layout was for a caretakers residence and then a walled magazine area to the rear.  The magazine area had a surface level Shell Store and then an underground Cartridge Store.  The underground works were accessed down a steel rung ladder.  There was then a shifting lobby area and  the magazine off this.  This was a ‘cut and cover’ construction, with a roof of concrete and stone filling above this.  The Underground Magazine held 4,000 cartridges and the Shell Store 1,250 shells.


(Thanks to Alistair G.K for getting his feet wet to obtain the images of the magazine).

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