San Pietro Position Finding Station (Lost)

Posted on November 9, 2020 / 36
Listing Type : Observation
Location : Malta

This Position Finding Station was one of the largest PF Stations in Malta with a total of fifteen cells, with one of these (Cell Number 5) being the Fire Commanders’ and Telephone Rooms.  Work on this site began in August 1890 and it was completed in 1894 for a cost of £2,119.   The Station included a barrack block and caretaker’s residence.  There was also a signal station built onto the side of the caretakers’ residence.

  • Cells Number 1,7, 9,10, 14 and 15 had no instruments.
  • Cells Number 2 and 3 was for the 12.5-inch RMLs at Siliema Point Battery
  • Cell Number 4 was for the 10-inch Battery at Sileima Point
  • Cell Number 6 was for the 17.72-inch RML at Cambridge Battery
  • Cell Number 8 was for the two 9.2-inch B.L. at Garden Battery
  • Cell Number 11 and 12 were for the 9.2-inch B.L. guns at Spinola Battery

The site would appear to have been completely lost to development.

Detailed plans can be seen at the UK National Archives, reference WO 78/4284

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