Il-Kuncizzjoni Searchlight Position

Posted on January 25, 2021 / 226
Listing Type : Observation
Location : Malta

The  searchlight position at Il-Kuncizzjoni Ta’ Culumia lies on the Western end of the Victoria Lines.  Built about1899 it illuminated the area at the end of Victoria Lines down to the Fomm ir-Rih infantry redoubt.  There are the remains of a trench, cut in the rock, running from Il-Kuncizzjoni Redoubt down to the searchlight position.

This searchlight position was reinforced with concrete during World War 2 and converted into a machine gun position, see separate entry.

The Il-Kuncizzjoni Redoubt provided local defence and also had the generator for the electricity used by the searchlight.

The Fomm ir-Rih infantry redoubt situated immediately below the fortified searchlight position of Il-Kuncizzjoni.

There were two other searchlight positions built along the Victoria Lines about 1899, and there were at Gharghur or Wied il-Faham and the western end of the Dwejra Lines.


The UK National Archives include:

  • WO 78/2667 1901
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