Fort Bingemma

Posted on January 16, 2021 / 28
Listing Type : Land Fort
Location : Malta

Fort Bingemma (Berngemma) was authorised in March 1874 and the work commenced in July of the same year.  The Fort is shown as completed in September 1874 for a total cost of £7872, so £6 under the estimated cost.

The barracks had accommodation for thirty three men, two sergeants and two officers.The main water tank held 142800 galleons and a smaller tank under the parade ground held 2,500 galleons of rainwater.

At this time the fort is shown to armed as follows:


One 64-pdr RML gun on a counterweight carriage

One 8-inch SB gun in the right gun casemate

Main Work

Three 64-pdr RML guns on counterweight carriage

Five 8-inch RML Howitzers in Babette positions

One 8-inch SB in left gun casemate

Flanking Galleries

One 24-pdr carronade

One 8-inch SB

Four 40 RBL guns

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