Fort Saint Rocco

Posted on January 16, 2021 / 66
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Malta

Fort Saint Rocco was proposed by Colonel Jervois together with For San Leonardo.  Fort St. Rocco was the first fortification built in Malta by the British without any flanks, a polygonal fortification.  Work on the fort commenced in 1872 or early 1878.  It was initially planned to mounted 11-inch RML guns in the Fort but this was upgraded to three 12.5-inch gun while under construction.

In 1888 the Nicholson and Goodenough Report it was suggested that the Keep at the rear of the battery be removed and that the old RML guns be replaced.  For St. Rocco was remodel between 1900 and 1905 to mount three 9.2-inch BL Mark X gun in barbette emplacements.   These three heavy guns were replaced by three 6-inch BL guns.

In 1950 the armament was again upgraded and three new pits were dug to mount 5.25 dual purposes guns.  These are similar to the guns mounted in Fort Benghisa at the same time.  Two similar batteries were built in Gibraltar, one being West Battery on Windmill Hill.

Fort St. Rocco is now derelict but most of the main features survive.

The image on the right is a model from the Fortifications Interpretation Centre in Valletta.  This shows the Fort armed with three 12.5-inch RML guns.

Fort Saint Rocco 1874

In 1900 Fort Saint Rocco was completely remodelled to mount 9.2-inch guns.  The battery continued to be developed and was later armed with 5.25-inch dual purpose guns.

The whole Fort is now something of a mess (2023) having been later used as a fun park and then simply left abandoned for many years.

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