Gharghur High Angle Fire Battery

Posted on January 22, 2021 / 78
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Malta

Gharghur  (Gargur) High Angle Fire Battery was built to help defend the beaches on the north eastern coastline which was only partially covered by Fort Madalena.  The battery was first proposed in 1897 and plans drawn up in June and July of that year.  Construction of the battery began in 1899 with the work completed the following year.

The battery was to mount six 10-inch RML guns on high angle mounts.  The battery was built into the hill side, with the magazines down short tunnels inside the hill itself.  Narrow gauge railway tracks ran from these magazines around the front of the guns so that the charges and shells could be loaded directly into the gun barrels.  These magazine included a shell store on each side of the battery, and the cartridge store was in the centre of the battery.  The battery buildings were at the rear or gorge of the battery.

The battery had become redundant by 1906 and was later used to house a Leper Colony.

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