Left Magazine

Posted on January 28, 2021 / 27
Listing Type : Magazine
Location : Malta

This is one of wo Magazines built behind the Victoria Lines to hold ammunition for the Howitzer Batteries Numbers 1 to 7 inclusive.  Authority to build the Magazines was given on 6th June 1895 based on records held in the National Archives of Malta.

The Left Magazine was intend to supply Howitzer Batteries 4 to 7 inclusive.

The layout for both Magazines was similar.  There is a caretaker’s residence and then a walled magazine area to the rear.  The magazine area had a surface level Shell Store and then an underground Cartridge Store.  The underground works were accessed down a steel rung ladder.  There was then a shifting lobby area and  the magazine off this.  This was a ‘cut and cover’ construction, with a roof of concrete and stone filling above this.  The Underground Magazine held 4,000 cartridges and the Shell Store 1,250 shells.

Unlike the Right Magazine, this site is now a private home and has been heavily modified.  Traces of the old buildings can still be seen but largely built over.  It would appear a pool had been built over the old shell store.

Image from Google Maps.


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