Eastbourne Redoubt

Redoubt Road, Eastbourne, UK
Posted on May 14, 2021 / 11
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : England

Eastbourne Redoubt was constructed in 1805 as part of a general building plan that included Dymchurch Redoubt and Harwich Redoubt.  This Redoubt was built to support a line of twenty one Martello Towers, that ran along the south coast from Rye in Sussex to Tower 74 in Seaford.

The redoubt was a large circular keep with ten embrasures on the ramparts for eleven embrasures for 24-pdr SB guns on traversing carriages.  The 24-pdrs were replaced by 32-pdr guns and in 1853these were replaced by 68-pounder SB guns. In 1873 the armament at Eastbourne Redoubt had been increased with two additional 68-pdrs, four 8-inch RMLs and three 7-inch (110-pdr) RBLs.

During World War 2 the Redoubt was used by the Military for storage.

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