Woodfords Battery

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Woodford’s Battery is a small demi-bastion along the costal defence wall which had been built by the Spanish and was originally called Five Gun Battery.  It lay between Hutment Battery and the Defensible Barracks. It was named after George Woodford, the Governor of Gibraltar between 1836 and 1843.

Woodford’s Battery was built with four embrasures facing east towards Europa Point and two embrasures facing north west toward Hutment Battery. To the east of the battery was what was called Woodford’s Left Flank, two embrasures covering the dead ground immediately behind the Defensible Barracks. A spiral staircase was later built adjacent to Woodford’s Left Flank and can be seen in the images.

Returns for 1859 show the following guns mounted at Woodford’s Battery:

  • Five 32-pdr guns
  • Two 8-inch guns

By 1886 the armament was more mixed with:

  • Three 32-pdr SB guns
  • Two 64/32-pdr RML
  • Two 8-inch RML
  • Two 8-inch SB

During World War 2 a defence electric light was mounted on Woodford’s Battery.

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