Syriam Heavy Battery

Rangoon, Myanmar (Burma)
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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Asia Other

The Syriam Heavy Battery and King’s Bank Heavy Battery were regard in 1898 as being the main line of defence.  Syriam Heavy Battery covered the main navigable channel past  Liffey Shoal and was later renamed Syriam Main Battery.

In 1886 it has been proposed to mount the following guns at Siriam Heavy Battery:

  • One 10-inch BL gun
  • One 6-inch BL guns
  • Two 12.5-inch RML guns
  • Two 6-pdr QF
  • Two machine guns

Two 10-inch guns, one for King’s Bank Heavy Battery and the other for Syriam Heavy Battery, had been designated for redeployment from India.  However in 1892 the Indian Government had decided not to use 10-inch BL guns for the defence of Rangoon, although one was actually at Rangoon.  The other remained in reserve at Bombay.  (See Handsard 11th August, 1893 vol 16 cc9-10).  The decision was apparently made to replace the 10-inch BL gun and two 12.5_inch RMLs with 6-inch BL guns.  (TNA CAB 11/95).

By 1898 the Battery was completed with a revised armament of:

  • Three 6-inch Mark VII guns (with four emplacements)
  • Three 40-pdr RML on Garrison Carriages
  • Two 3-pdr Hotchkiss Quick Fire guns

There was a minefield close to the battery which was covered by Syriam Minefield Battery which mounted two 6-pdr QF guns, and machine guns.  Two Defence Electric Lights covered the minefield.


In 1898 Syriam Heavy Battery had a garrison of eleven officers, three hundred and one rank and file.

By 13th August 1907 returns show that Syriam Main Battery mounted:

  • Three three 6-inch BL HP guns
  • Two 3-pdr QF guns
  • Four Maxim Machine Guns in 1909 increased to six

By 25th December 1911 plans were advanced for the “dismantling and razing of Syriam (Battery)” with most assets being shifted across to King’s Bank Battery.

At this point the exact location and fate of Syriam Main Battery is not know so if you have any information please let us know.

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