Wied Znuber Stop Wall

wied znubber stop wall
Posted on January 8, 2023 / 12
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Malta

The Wied Znuber Stop Wall was built by the British built in about 1899, although there are some records of wall being here in the 16th century.  The Stop Wall is about 200 metres North of the Wied Znuber Position Finding Station which was built about the same time.

The wall consists of two distinct sections:

A bride running across the watercourse.  This bridge has a wall with loopholes on the top.   The section of this wall, that lies across the opening for the water flow down, is made of concrete.  This is one of the earliest uses of concrete in fortifications in Malta.

Main Wied Znuber Stop Wall

An upper position, slightly above the main wall.  This upper position covers some of the dead ground to the West.

Upper Posiotion Wied Znuber Stop Wall

In addition there is a small pathway that leads down to watercourse at the rear of the wall.

Path to watercourse, Wied Znuber Stop Wall

There is also the remains of a small guard house or shelter on a ledge to the rear of the upper position.

Guardhouse, Wied Znuber Stop Wall

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