Q.F. St Paul Bastion

Posted on February 27, 2024 / 4
Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Malta

There is believed to be a Q.F. emplacement on the South East flank of St Paul Bastion.  This Q.F. position is independent of the 64-pdr MLR emplacement on the salient of St Paul Bastion.

This emplacement is a small platform constructed of dressed stone with an ammunition recess cut into the adjacent wall.  There is a circular hold fast on the top, but this would appear to be for a World War 2 anti-aircraft machine gun.  The original hold fast is believed to be covered by a new layer of concrete which can clearly be seen.  It is assumed that a 6-pdr or 12-pdr Q.F. gun was mounted on this platform but no historic references have been found.

The entire position can be seen on the video.

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