Brehon Tower

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Channel Islands

Brehon Tower lies about 1.5 kilometres North East of St Peters Port and is a large artillery tower, similar to the two built at Milford Haven about the same time.  Plans exist from November 1814 when consideration was given to fotifying this rocky outcrop, but nothing was done (TNA MFQ 1.1298).  Brehon Tower was built between 1854 and 1856 and the later date is shown above the main entrance.  It was built with granite from the nearby Island of Hern.

Initial plans had been to the Tower to mount some eight guns, with three heavy guns on the roof and five on the second floor below.  When built it was armed with three 69-pdr SB guns and two 10-inch shell guns all mounted on the roof.  The garrison was two officers and thirty other ranks.  The tower was oval in shape, the one 10-inch shell gun was mounted at each end.  On the North side there was two 68-pds and on the South side a single 68-pdr and the Side Arms Shed and Shell Recesses.

An 1870 return shows the garrison was still two officers and thirty five other ranks.  140 barrels of powder were stored in the Tower at this time (TNA WO 78/2865).

During the German Occupation the Tower was modified to function as an anti-aircraft position and there is a large gun port cut into the North facing wall.

Under ‘Media’ there is a short article from The Townie, the Official St Peter Port Parish Magazine.  The author is Helen Glencross MA, Historic Sites Curator.  It shows one of the gun emplacements, probably for the 10-inch shell gun.

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