Europa Batteries

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Europa  Batteries run along the cliff top on the southern tip of Europa Flats and have mounted coastal defence batteries since the 18th Century.  Initially there was a battery of five 18-pdr and one 18-prd on Europa Point in 1762.

Armament of the three  Europa Batteries was as follows:

  BATTERY             18591886
   1st Europa

       Thirteen 32-pdr

Two 8 inches

  2 x 8ins SB
  2nd Europa  Three 32-pdr

Two 8 inches

   Three 32-pdr SB

Three 8-ins SB

3rd Europa4 x 32-pdr

One 8-inch

Four 7-inch RML


Harding’s Battery, immediately to the rear was armed with a 12.5-inch RML.

1st Europa Battery

A 3-pdr Q.F. Practice Battery was built on the west end of the the battery, adjacent to the Defensible Barracks in about 1897.  The three emplacements for these guns can still be seen.

3rd Europa Battery, Lighthouse Battery (Europa Point)

Originally armed with two 12-pdr guns in 1744.

A Defence Electric Light was installed in the battery, with further Defence Electric Lights at 2nd Europa and on the shoreline immediately in front of 2nd Europa.

During World War 2 extensive works were conducted in the vicinity of the lighthouse, including pillboxes, a 3.7-inch Anti- Aircraft Battery, and underground command centres.

The Magazine

This structure was originally built as a Magazine and is shown as such in maps from the 19th Century.

The structure was used as a shop after conversion but has now been stripped back to the original structure.

For more information on Defence Electric Lights click here.

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