Fort Langton

Posted on January 26, 2023 / 8
Listing Type : Land Fort
Location : Bermuda

Fort Langton was one of the fortifications proposed by Jervois in his report of 1865.  The Fort was to have a dual role in that it was part of the Prospect Defence Line and also provided coastal defence covering the navigable channel to Ireland Island.

Work on the Fort commenced in the 1879s and from the date stone on the main gate would appear to have been completed by 1881. The Land Fort aspect of Fort Langton mounted four 64-pdr RML guns in Moncrieff disappearing carriages, while three 10-inch RMLs were in barbette positions to cover the seaward side.

In 1964 the three 10-inch RML guns were removed from the moat of Fort Langton and installed in three of the 64-pdr emplacements at Fort Hamilton.  These guns can still be seen at Fort Hamilton.

The Fort was demolished in 1985.

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