Sierra Leone

Posted on September 17, 2020 / 38
Listing Type : Coaling Station
Location : Sierra Leone

It would appear that Portuguese explorers were around Freetown, Sierra Leone in about 1462.  Trade posts were established and the French and Dutch followed.  In about 1562 Bunce Island, in the Sierra Leone river near Freetown, because a trading post primarily dealing in slaves.  In 1787 the British Crown established a settlement in Sierra Leone, the Province of Freedom but this petered out due to residence from the indigenous population and sickness.  The British returned again about 1808 and established a settlement of liberated slaves, hence the name Freetown.  This settlement survived and Freetown became the administrative centre for the Gold Coast (Ghana) and Gambia.  There was constant friction with the Temine people and other indigenous groups in the hinterland.

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