Calshot Castle

Calshot, UK
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Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : England

Calshot Castle was originally built by Henry VII to protect the approaches to the Port of Southampton.

In 1897 a detached battery was built to the south of the original fortification.  This battery mounted four 12-pdr Q.F. guns and two 4.7-inch Q.F. guns. The battery covered a boom, and another four 12-pdr guns were mounted on the opposite bank of the estuary.  Two searchlight emplacements were also built on the gun emplacements at the front of the castle.  The original castle was used as Barrack Accommodation.

In 1904 the Owen Report recommended two of the 12-pdrs be mounted on the roof of the Castle keep, with a third searchlight added.  By 1907 the roof had been reinforced and the guns mounted.  The basement of the keep was also adapted as a magazine with a shell lift up to the roof.    There is now a 4-inch BL gun mounted on the roof in one of the 12-pdr emplacement’s but this gun came from HMS Gannet (Chatham).

The 12-pdr emplacements on the roof and the search light positions all survive.  The wing battery was totally destroyed after 1913 when the Flying Boat Station was built at Calshot.

The National Archives

  • WO 78/4954  Calshot Castle & Battery, 1901-14
  • WO 78/4318  Plans of Calshot Battery, 1896 for Q.F. guns
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