Crosby Battery

Chorley, UK
Posted on March 31, 2023 / 9
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : England

Crosby Battery (Crosby Point Battery, was built between March 1906 and October 1907 to mount three Mark VII BL guns.  The Battery had the usual cut and cover concrete and brick magazine underground between the two gun pits, with lifts to convey the ammunition up to the gun level.

The Port Watch Signal Station for Liverpool was also built on adjacent dunes beside the Battery.

The Battery remained active until after World War 2, but it was completely demolished and landscaped over. All that remains in sight are some underground shelters at roughly where the old Anti Aircraft Battery stood. The beach in front of the battery is covered in rubble from the battery and debris from the German bombing of Liverpool which was used to reduce the coastal erosion.

Plans from 1906 show the battery to have three 6-inch Mark VII BL guns, but the middle emplacement is crossed out (WO 78/5211).  Later plans from 1911 (WO 78/4754) show the battery has three 6-inch BL guns emplacements.

As shown in the images, it would appear that explosives were used to destroy the concrete battery structures as only chunks of concrete seem to have survived.

On the following link is a short paper written by Alison Burns that describes Fort Crosby and provides plans and some images of the battery before demolition in 1957.

On the following link is a paper prepared by Liverpool Museum with images and plans of the area around Crosby Battery.

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