Ghajn Tuffieha Camp

Posted on December 30, 2022 / 41
Location : Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha Camp was established in at least 1899 as a Royal Marine Training Centre, and thus under Admiralty control.  The surviving boundary stones show it to be Admiralty jurisdiction.  Over the years it was slowly developed including a rifle range which can still be seen.

The site later included barrack accommodation, Manikata Barracks, sometimes called the Lower Military Barracks.  This was later developed as the Hal Ferh Resort which in 2022 was being demolished.  The military chapel at Hal Ferh survives.

The whole area was used extensively from 1915 as a convalescence hospital for troops injured in Gallipoli.

The location was used extensively for military training until the 1960s.

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