Albion Battery

Hong Kong
Posted on April 26, 2021 / 22
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Hong Kong

Albion Battery on Stoncutters Island was a 12-pdr Quick Fire Battery completed on 22nd July 1905 at a cost of £3,749.  mounted two 12-pdr Mark I QF guns. The Magazine and Shell Store each held 1000 rounds.

Located on a hilltop at the eastern end of Stoncutters Island it was intended to protect the narrow sea channel between Stoncutters Island and the Kowloon Peninsula from light attack vessels such as Motor Torpedo Boats.

The battery had two gun pits, both facing north and an underground magazine and shelter between the two pits.  The pits were about 30 feet (10 metres apart) with the underground works between them.

A searchlight directing station was located nearby on the northern edge of the hill. The oil store and generator were located on the southern side by the shoreline.  For more on British Defence Electric Lights see HERE.

The Battery continued in use until World War 1.  In 1907 proposals were made to mount two 6-inch guns at this location as replacements, but this does not appear to have been followed through.

It would appear that the actual battery may have been lost to development, although it could lie in the trees north of the new building.  It is possible the engine room, oil storage and electric light directing station have survived in the bushes.

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