Fort Hommet

Posted on January 25, 2024 / 14
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Channel Islands

Fort Hommet (Houmet) dominates the Northern end of Vazon Bay and has been fortified since at least 1680.  By 1805 there were six ML guns in a battery here, and in 1808 a Martello Tower was constructed. This Martllo Tower mounted a 24-pdr carronade on the roof and became the keep of the new Fort Hommet as it developed.  There are two other Martello Towers in Guernsey, at Fort Grey and Fort Saumarez.

The plans in the Nation Archives indicate that this structure was built as a Signal Tower (TNA MFQ 1/1298).  These plans, dated 1853 show a stone staircase leading up the lower floor.  The basement has a small magazine (10ft by 10ft), with the outer walls being 6ft 6inchs.  The first floor has six loophole and the roof is open.

Originally there was a barrack block between the Tower and the new detached gun emplacement.  This whole building has now been lost.

By 1852 the 24-pdr guns had been replaced by 68-pdr SB guns and 8-inch shell guns.  A new wing battery was built and this time as well as a South facing gun emplacement.

During the German Occupation Fort Hommet was the key feature in Strongpoint Rotenstein with 10.5 cm guns in two casemates, searchlights an associated support weapons.

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