Princess Carolines Battery

Posted on December 21, 2020 / 9
Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Princess Caroline’s Battery was originally 1st Willis’s Battery and mounted three iron 9-pdrs in 1744.

In 1859 it mounted three 24-pdr guns and for a short while before 1877 it mounted a single 9-inch RML gun.

By 1886 this was adjusted to two 80-pdr guns

In 1892 the two 80-pdr guns were replaced by two 64-pdr guns on depression carriages.

Between January 1889 and November 1890 work was carried out to convert the battery to a 6-inch BL Q.F. Mark VII gun.  In 1904 the 6 ins Mark VII BL gun was mounted. The battery had underground shelter and magazines.


The UK National Archives references are:

  1. WO 78/5276
  2. WO 78/4003
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