Hound Point Battery

firth of forth
Posted on October 21, 2021 / 10
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Scotland

Hound Point Battery was one of the Inner Defence Line batteries covering the Forth of Firth.  The battery was completed before the start of World War I, and the two 7-inch Mark VII guns on CP Mark II mountings were installed in November 1914.   (TNA   WO 78/5173)

The battery has two unusual gun emplacements with a expense magazines and crew shelter under the actual emplacement.  The BCP by the guns appears to have destroyed.

The two 6-inch guns were removed in 1916 for a new battery at Leigh Docks.  Two 12-pdr 18cwt naval guns from Inchcolm Island were mounted at Hound Point Battery as replacements.  These were finally removed in 1922/

The battery was defended from land attack by two lines of blockhouse.  Each line was made up of six blockhouse with wire entanglements.  The blockhouses were constructed of wood and earth and no trace of them could be found on a visit.  (TNA WO 78/4396)

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