South Sutor 9.2-inch

Cromarty, UK
Posted on November 13, 2023 / 3
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Scotland

South Sutor Battery was built to mount a single 9.2-inch BL gun acting in a counter bombardment role.  Built in 1913 the gun was fitted into a most unusual ‘tear drop’ shaped pit.  This appears to have been designed by the Admiralty, with the whole Battery under naval control and manned by a Royal Marine Artillery crew.  The battery design was similar to that of the 9.2-inch Battery at North Sutor.

There were two Defence Electric Lights on the shore line, connected to each other by a rather precarious aerial walkway.

In 1939 the Battery was completely remodelled to mounted two 6-inch Mark VII guns.  The old 9.2-inch magazine was reused for the Number 2 or B gun.  An escape hatch from this magazine emerged into the old 9.2-inch gun pit.

A short track led out to the slope above the 4-inch QF Battery, some 400 metres to the West.

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