Cromarty Firth

Cromarty, UK
Posted on July 21, 2023 / 20
Listing Type : Naval Port or Anchorage
Location : Scotland

Cromarty Firth was not identified as a naval anchorage until 1912, presumably then because of the growing concern about the reach of the German Navy.   This was to a floating base, in that there would be no shore establishment apart from the fixed defences.  These defences were to be three 9.2-inch gun, six 4-inch guns, eight defence electric lights and associated accommodation.  The cost was £121.500 with a recurrent budget of £15,00.  The low capital cost was probably dues to the reuse of existing naval guns as armament.  Unusually the Admiralty was authorised to build and operate these fixed defences.

The plan called for coastal defence batteries at both North and South Sutor.


One 9.2-inch guns in the Upper Battery

Four 4-inch Mark III Quick Fire guns in the Lower Battery


One 9.2-inch gun

Two 4-inch Mark III Quick Fire guns

In 1939 the 9.2-inch Batteries at North and South Sutor were rebuilt to mount a pair of 6-inch BL guns.  In each case the old 9.2-inch magazine was used for the Number 2 or B gun, with an escape hatch leading out into the old ‘tear shaped’ gun pit.

During World War II an additional battery was built at North Sutor, Nigg Battery armed with two 6-inch Mark XXIV. This battery can still be seen although partially demolished.

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