Summit Battery

Weston-super-Mare, UK
Posted on October 14, 2022 / 5
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : England

Summit Battery is at 250 feet above sea level and therefore the highest battery on Steep Holm Island. It originally mounted two 7-inch RML guns in barbette positions.

During World War II a pair of 6-inch BL guns were mounted here.  One of the WW2 emplacements was built over one of the old RML positions.  One RML emplacement with its’ gun and both magazines survive.  The gun from the destroyed emplacement lies on the grass to the front of the “A” 6-inch gun.

To the rear of Summit Battery is a traverse built of stone chippings, to protect the gorge of the battery from direct fire.  At the end of this traverse is a Battery Command Post with DRF pedestal.  There has been a building at this location but only the footings remain.

On the cliff below Summit Battery is a World War 2 searchlight position.  This is reached down a long flight of stairs.

The searchlight below Summit Battery

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