East Tilbury Battery

East Tilbury, UK
Posted on July 6, 2023 / 18
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : England

East Tilbury Battery was built between1890 and 1891 to mount two 10-inch BL guns and four 6-inch BL guns all on HP disappearing mounts.  The magazines were all placed beneath the gun line with lifts to transport the shells and cartridges to the gun floor. There was a single 3-pdr Q.F. gun on the Southern end of the gun line. This was probably to cover the open ground between the Battery and Coalhouse Fort, but may also have been used to training.

In 1900 the four 6-inch guns had been upgraded to standard 6-inch BL guns emplacements on CP II mounts. The two 10-inch guns were retained until about 1903.

The Battery was disarmed in 1909.

The Battery was built following the Twydall Profile principle. The layout is very similar to that of Wolsey Battery in Malta that was built about the same time.

East Tilbury Battery lay close to Coalhouse Fort, while on the opposite side of the river there was Cliffe Fort and Shornmead Fort, which were intended to protect the middle passage of the Thames River.  The first video is of a visit to East Tilbury Battery while the second gives an overview of the Battery and its profile when built.

Visit to East Tilbury

Layout East Tilbury

Some excellent images of this Battery can be seen on the “Beyond the Point” web site at https://beyondthepoint.co.uk/east-tilbury-battery/.

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