Fort Denison

Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks NSW, Australia
Posted on April 14, 2021 / 11
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Australia

Construction of Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour started in 1841 but was stopped until 1855 when work resumed.  It was completed in 1857.  This is the only Martello tower built in Australia and was also the last one built by the British.

Fort Denison had a garrison of one officer and twenty-four other ranks.

The main armament on completion was:

  • A 10-inch muzzle loaders on the roof of the Martello Tower
  • Three 32-pdr SB guns in the casemated battery on the first floor of the Martello Tower.
  • A gun platform with an 8-inch gun in a barbette mount and twelve 32-pdr SB guns.
  • During World War 2 a 3-inch Anti-Aircraft was mounted here

Fort Denison is similar in outline to River Fort in Barbuda, although the latter was built in 1745.

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