Queens Battery

Simonstown, Cape Town, South Africa
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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : South Africa

Queen’s Battery was originally called Cemetery Battery and is not far from the older South Battery (Dutch Boetselaar Battery).

The first phase of reconstruction was between 1866 and 1867.  This work cost £14,994, with the work carried out by military and civil labour.  The battery was armed with two 7-inch RML guns and two 9-inch RML guns. The battery was ‘L’ shaped with the two 7-inch RMLs on the left side and the two 9-inch RML on the right had side. (TNA WO 78/4294). See plan.

In 1897 work commenced to convert the battery to a 6-inch QF Battery with four guns.  The guns were deployed in two pairs, Groups A and B.  This work was completed in 1899 at a total cost of £11.623.

Between 1897 and 1900 an Electric Light Engine House was built for the two Defence Electric Lights.  The Defence Electric Lights were located on the foreshore in front of the battery.  The Directing Station was built to the rear of the right hand 6-inch QF gun .

Between 1901 and 1902 a 6-pdr QF battery was added. The cost of construction is shown as £105.10.0.

By 1902 Queens Battery was modified as follows:

  • The left hand 7-inch RML position was now the site of the Electric Light Engine Room. The emplacement was used as a machine gun emplacement.  Later built over.
  • The right hand 7-inch RML position was now the smith’s workshop. Later built over.
  • The left-hand pair of 6-inch QF guns (B1 & B2) were in a new position to the front of the right hand side of the old 7-inch RML position.
  • The 6-pdr QF battery with two guns (C1 & C2) was built over the left hand 9-inch RML position.
  • The right-hand pair of 6-inch QF guns (A1 & A2) were built over the old right hand 9-inch RML position.

TNA WO 78/4944

Queens Battery was used as the Examination Battery, presumably only one pair of the guns would be utilised for this duty.

The battery is now partially in the grounds of the Institute for Military Medicine, opposite the old burial ground, Simon’s Town.  The old 7-inch RML gun emplacements have been built over.

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