Lower North Battery

Simonstown, Cape Town, South Africa
Posted on March 12, 2022 / 16
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : South Africa

Lower North Battery overlooks the old Royal Navy Base at Simon’s Town.  It was originally built by the Dutch as Zoutman Battery in 1793.  By 1809 the British had taken over the battery and mounted five smoothbore guns and a mortar here.  By 1887 the battery mounted four 7-inch RML guns, and these remained in position until some time after 1894.  It would appear that these RML guns were never upgraded to Breech Loading guns although signage shows the battery was remodeled in 1897.

By 1912 Upper North Battery has two 6-inch Q.F. guns and a single 9.2-inch Mark X on a Mark V mount, in reserve, and the new Scala Battery has a single 9.2-inch Mark X gun on a Mark V mount.  At this time Lower North Battery is not listed on the table of armaments for Simon’s Bay.

The original four gun pits and underground magazine survive, but they have been built over.  Quick fire guns and electronic equipment has been built over the site.

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