Priddy Hard

Gosport, UK
Posted on August 3, 2022 / 1
Location : England

Priddy’s Hard in Gosport lies opposite the Royal Naval Dockyard.  Built as a fort in the 18th Century it became the main armaments deport for the Royal Navy.  It remained in service un 1988.

The land was acquired in the 1750s by the Board of Ordnance.  The site was surrounded by earthen rampart, completed by 1757, which extended the Gosport Lines.  The lines mounted fourteen 18-pdr guns.  A Grand Magazine was built between 1771 and 1777. Thereafter the site was steadily expanded and by 1846 the Armaments Depot included:

  • A and B Powder Magazines
  • Camber Basin for movement of gunpowder
  • Administration and Accommodation Buildings
  • Store Rooms

With the introduction of iron armour, Rifled Muzzle Loading Guns and then Breech Loading Guns new ammunition was required.  This included:

  • C Magazine in 1861
  • E Magazine built between 1879 and 1882
  • Improvements to land defences including RML guns in the two demi-bastions, brick caponiers and firing positions

Thereafter new shell filling rooms were built and stores for nitro-glycerine, gun cotton (wet and dry). cordite and lyddite.  A narrow gauge railway line connected the whole complex for the  transport of ammunition and explosives.



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