Bovisand Mine Control Station

Plymouth, UK
Posted on February 23, 2022 / 8
Listing Type : Submarine Warfare
Location : England

Bovisand Mine Control Station was built in 1896 to monitor the minefield that lay between the eastern end of the breakwater and Bovisand Fort.   A 6-pdr Q.F. battery was mounted in Fort Bovisand.  In 1900 two Defence Electric Lights were built on the shore line below the observation station.  It is thought that the upright structure, immediately to the north of the Mine Control Station, may have been a directing station for the search lights below.

A similar observation position was built behind Fort Picklecombe to monitor the minefield on west side of Plymouth Sound. A 6-pdr Q.F. battery was mounted on the roof of Fort Picklecombe and engine room was built in the dry moat of the 1848 barracks.

The Bovisand Mine Control Station consists of two underground cells with armoured roofs that were covered with earth and grass.  An old building, used by the quarry, has been built into the complex, presumably for accommodation.

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