Plymouth Submarine Mining Establishment

Posted on October 23, 2021 / 11
Listing Type : Submarine Warfare
Location : England

The Plymouth Submarine Mining Establishment was built between 1884 and 31st March 1888 for a cost of £12,230 (TNA WO 78/2290).

The majority of the original Submarine Mining Establishment has now been lost to the Elphinstone Car Park.  However at the western end of this car park it is still possible to see some remains of the Establishment.  The current Bait Bunker on the shore is the original coal store.  The steps adjacent to this old coal store now go to Duttons Cafe.  The building that this cafe now occupies is the original Cable Testing Room, Store and Gun Cotton Store.  The are also remains on the shoreline of the site for the 2 ton crane platform and end of the pier.

The The Plymouth Submarine Mining Establishment had an observing station built on the hillside outside Fort Bovisand (TNA WO 78/2735) .  To the rear of the main casemates at Fort Bovisand there was also an Engine Room and Test Room. See separate entry.

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