Pier Cellars Brennan Torpedo Station

Plymouth, UK
Posted on November 29, 2021 / 16
Listing Type : Submarine Warfare
Location : England

Piers Cellars was built between 1888 and 1890 with one Brennan Torpedo Slipway.  It remained active until 1903 but was not closed until 1906.

In 1896 a searchlight position Brennan Light, was added to the pier.

The actual Brennan Torpedo Station was cut into the hillside behind the pier and covered in concrete and brickwork.  A narrow gauge tramway linked the pierhead to the Torpedo Room in the main building.

In 1898 Pier Cellars Battery a 12-pdr Quick Fire Battery, was built adjacent to the Brennan Torpedo Station to protect it from attack by Motor Torpedo Boats.  Together with Grenville Battery, Piers Cellars Battery also covered the Examination Anchorage and minefield.

(Some images courtesy of Alistair Graham Kerr)

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