Fort Staddon

Posted on November 5, 2020 / 116
Listing Type : Land Fort
Location : England

The Fort is located on the hill to the rear of Fort Bovisand and protects the land approaches to Plymouth.  Built between 1861 and 1869 it was one of the Royal Commission Forts.

It was built to mount 40 guns,  including 7-inch RBL, 64-pdr RML, 8-inch Howitzers and smoothbore guns for flanking fire.

It would appear that in 1893 the following armaments were in the Fort, although they could have been there much earlier.

  • Two 5-inch Breech Loads
  • F0ur 64-pdr RMLs
  • Six 7-inch RBL
  • Eight 32-pdr SBBL guns
  • Two MGs

The Fort remains a military establishment.

The fortifications of the Staddon Line are detailed at :

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