Breakwater Fort

Plymouth, UK
Posted on April 17, 2024 / 5
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : England

Breakwater Fort, Plymouth

Breakwater Fort was one of the works recommended by the Royal Commission in 1860.  Work commenced on the Fort in 1861 and was largely finished some four years later.  The total cost of the Building was £167.062.  During the building of the Breakwater Fort changes were made to the armament to be placed inside the Fort, and by 1879 it was armed with fourteen 12.5-inch RML guns of 35 tons and four 10-inch RML guns of 18 tons, all in armoured casemates.  When fully manned the fort required some 60 to 180 soldiers.

Unlike some of the Solent Forts in Portsmouth, Breakwater Fort was not rearmed with modern heavy guns being used as a signal station and later training establishment.  For a period from 1890 it was armed with four 6-pdr quick fire guns.  A Defence Electric Light was also installed on the roof.  An additional two 6-pdr QF guns were added in 1898.The QF guns and the searchlight were added to deal with Motor Torpedo Boats and helped protect the minefield.

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