East Blockhouse Battery

East Blockhouse, Angle, Pembroke, UK
Posted on September 6, 2021 / 7
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Wales

East Blockhouse Battery was built just behind the old Tudor Blockhouse at this location.  The Battery was built at roughly the same time as West Blockhouse Battery and both batteries were intended to work in conjunction with each other.

East Blockhouse Battery was built between 1901 and 1903 and armed with two 9.2-inch Mark X guns and three 6-inch Mark VII guns.  Its’ armament was therefore almost identical to that of West Blockhouse Battery.  The gun line is arrayed in a semicircle with a Twydall Profile (dispersed) to aid concealment.   See plan in the images.  The underground works have now largely been back-filled and buried.

A 5-inch BL practice battery was built to the south of the main battery about 1900. By 1914 the three 6-inch BL guns had been removed.  There is a Depression Range Finder (DRF) located to the front of the 9.2-inch guns and there are signs that there was a structure here, possibly a Battery Command Post (BCP). There are three separate searchlight positions along the cliff edge, two of which are linked by a covered way down the cliff side.

The old caretakers quarters are now used as a residence.

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