Chapel Bay Fort

Pembroke, UK
Posted on August 21, 2021 / 10
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Wales

Chapel Bay Fort (Battery)  was built between 1890 and 1891 and was one of the first fortifications to be built with mass concrete (without reinforcing rods).  The Battery, sometimes called a Fort, was built to mount three 10-inch RML guns of 18 tons.   The battery has two caponiers that cover a dry ditch that protect the perimeter.

In 1901 there was an upgrade in the armament of the Battery with the three RML guns  replaced by three 6-inch BL Mark VII guns.

Outside the perimeter of Chapel Bay Fort itself a Quick Fire Battery was built to protect the submarine minefield.  There were three main components to these defences:

  • A 12-pdr QF Battery just to the East of the main Fort with three guns
  • Four Maxim Machine Gun positions in a trench that ran from just by the 12-pdr Q.F. Battery further East.  This trench line also had positions for infantry with rifles.
  • Two Defence Electric Lights with an engine room.
  • A Submarine Mine Control Station and Search Light Control Station built in front of the Engine Room

The Machine Guns and 12-pdr guns were primarily for the defence of the minefield lying between Chapel Bay and Stack Rock Fort.  Stack Rock Fort provided the centre point for this mine field, while the defences around South Hook Fort defended the north side of this defence line.

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