Fort Luton

Fort Horsted, Primrose Close, Chatham, UK
Posted on September 11, 2022 / 9
Listing Type : Land Fort
Location : England

Fort Luton is a small fort adjacent to Fort Horsted.  Fort Luton is modest in size and was built erratically between 1876 and 1892.  The original plan was for a fortification similar in layout to Fort Borstal, but the design was slowly modified.  There was no main magazine, no counterscarp galleries and no caponier.   There are two underground corridors on each side of the fort, each with ammunition lifts up to the ramparts.  There are eight casemates providing accommodation.  Other buildings were subsequently added.  The rolling drawbridge, which survives, is unique but in need of restoration.  As with Fort Horsted, the for was never armed.

The Fort suffered some damage in 1907 during siege operations when the moat was attacked with three camouflet charges.  During these trials, the Fort was overrun.

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