Albert Battery

Port Louis, Mauritius
Posted on October 28, 2021 / 11
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Mauritius

Albert Battery was originally called Tombeau Point Battery or Tombeau Battery.  The change of name from Tobeau Battery to Albert Battery was directed by the War Office on 28th May 1888.

On the 22nd June 1883 the War Office had identified the need to batteries on both flanks of Fort George.  This was a green field site recommended in 1886, after discussion in the proceeding years.  In October 1887 approval was finally given for Albert Battery to be built and armed with two 10-inch RML guns and eight 64-pdr RML guns.  The purchased of the required land was only completed on 27th December 1887. This work was to be financed by the local authorities with the Imperial Government providing the guns.  Work on Albert Battery was completed in March 1892 at a total cost of £6,337.  The total area occupied by the battery was eighty acres, two roods and twenty six poles. The Royal Artillery took over Albert Battery on 31st August, 1889.

The completed Albert Battery mounted two 10-inch RML guns and two 64-pdr RML guns in an open battery following the basic Twydal Profile design.  Between 1889 Albert Battery was actually armed with one 64-pdr RML which was removed in July 1889 and two 10-inch RML gun in barbette mounts.

In 1902 returns show the battery armed with two 10-inch RML and a single 6-inch BL gun on HP mount.  In this year a single 3-pdr QF with Position Finder was added as a practice battery.

In 1903 the two 10-inch RML guns were declared obsolete and replaced by two 4.7-inch QG guns.

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