Wardija Position 7

St Paul's Bay, Malta
Posted on November 19, 2022 / 7
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Malta

The Victoria Lines were completed in about 1900 and cut the north end of the island of Malta off from the main dockyard and harbour.  The intention being to keep enemy breech loading artillery out of range of the anchorage itself.

A number of small infantry defence positions were built on the heights that ran east to west from St Pauls Bay across the Island.  These positions including on on  Wardija Hill itself overlooking possible landing places and lines of advance. This Defence Position lies to the east of Wardija Hill and was found by chance, having no previously been recorded as far as is known.

The Wardija Position 7 is part of the Wardija Defence Line and follows an escarpment with a steep drop below.  The east end has three infantry firing positions, separated by banquets, and what appears to be trench connecting them.  There is then a short stretch of a parapet wall, which is now badly damaged, and then three further firing positions along a deep zig-zag stretch of trench. At the end of the trench there is what looks like a small blockhouse with possible a very small expense magazine.

The whole site is covered in trees, and much of the trench on the west side has been filled over the years.  The zig-zag trench is clear, although obstructed by brush.

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