Notre Dame Bastion

Posted on December 24, 2023 / 9
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Malta

In 1876 to 1877 works were carried out to mount 64-pdr MLR guns on the Florian land front bastions. It is assumed that about the same time, similar guns were mounted on the six bastions that make up the Cottenera Lines that were built by the Knights of St John. Notre Dame Bastion has at least one 64-pdr MLR emplacement built on the salient of the bastion giving a clear field of fire to the South. Signage in the expense magazine shows that the Right Face gun has been upgraded from a 32-pdr SB to a 64-pdr.  It is assumed that this was a 64-pdr MLR gun, convereted from an old 32-pdr gun.
The centre of Notre Dame Bastion is redoubt with loop holed walls covering a dry trench. Some of this work relates to the Victoria era, similar to the adjacent St Clements Bastion. There is a straight tenaille that covers the wall between St Clements and Notre Dame Bastions.
Signage inside the main magazine would indicate that this was in use until at least 1897.

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