Il-Kuncizzjoni Redoubt

Posted on January 1, 2023 / 8
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Malta

The  Il-Kuncizzjoni Redoubt lies on the Western end of the Victoria Lines.  Built about 1900 it is primarily a cut and cover construction with an engine room and store room dug into the hilltop and covered with concrete.  There is a covered way linking the engine room with a separate defensible barracks which has loop holed steel shutters.

For local defence there is a rear wall, while the face towards the west is protected by stone sangers on top of the slope and a musketry gallery covering the approached from Fomm ir-Rih.

There is a Defence Electric Light position situated slight down the hill, and there are the remains of a covered way (trench) down to this position.  This is the subject of a separate entry as it was later covered into a machine gun pillbox.

There were two other searchlight positions built along the Victoria Lines built about 1899.  These are at Gharghur or Wied il-Faham at the Eastern end of the Dwejra Lines.  The  Il-Kuncizzjoni Redoubt is very similar to the aforementioned Gharghur site.

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