Gharghur Searchlight Position

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Location : Malta

The Gharghur Searchlight Position is also known as the Wied il-Faham searchlight position, but it was built on land originally intended for an artillery battery.

Brigadier General John Adye had  suggested in 1872 that in the event of an enemy landing in the north of the Island, preparations be me made to  hold a defence line along the Great Fault (North West Front).    These plana included two positions for field artillery located on the east end of the Great Fault near the village of Gharghur .  These Left and Right Gharghur Batteries were to be pre-prepared positions for field artillery.

Plans dated 30th September 1887 show that the Government acquired the land for Gharghur Left and Right Batteries and the nearby San Giovanni Battery in 1882.  A noted on the records, dated 28th April 1882 states that these are the  sites for three proposed batteries.

In respect of the Gharghur Right Field Battery there is still an substantial engine room and a caretakers bungalow there.  These buildings related to the searchlight position that was built here in about 1898.  This was one of the three searchlight positions built along the Victoria Lines.  The two searchlight buildings on the cliff edge remain, but are in a poor condition. The  engine room and caretakers building to the rear remain in good condition.  The engine room is similar to the one on the Dwejra Lines and the one at Il-Kuncizzjoni Ta’ Culumia on the west end of the Victoria Lines.  There is a location built into the rock for the oil tanks to be mounted.

In respect of the Gharghur Left Battery, no identifiable buildings have been found at this site.

The other two searchlight positions built on the Victoria Lines about 1898 are:

For more background on British Defence Electric Lights, see HERE.

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