Fort Tigne

Posted on February 10, 2021 / 44
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Malta

Fort Tigne was originally build by the Knights of St John in 1792 and was the last significant fortification built by the Order in Malta.  The British initially armed it with twelve 18-pdr and eighteen 24-pdr SB guns (four of these carronades).  By 1860 the guns mounted were primarily 68-pdr SB guns.

In 1870 six 9-inch RML guns behind irons shields were mounted in the seaward facings casemates of the Fort.  On the outer works emplacements were also constructed to mount four 64-pdr RML guns and four 10-inch Howitzers.  The work was completed by 1875.

In 1892 a emplacement for three 6-pdr QF guns was built on the roof above the 9-inch RMLs. Another battery of two 6-pdr guns was built just outside the Fort facing across the Marsamxett Harbour entrance.

In 1899 a Brennan torpedo station was built at Fort Tigne to protect the entrance to Marsamxett Harbour.

In 1901 the Fort Tigne was upgraded again with two 9.2-inch Mark X BL guns mounted on the glacis.  This battery was not a success, being to conspicuous and exposed to an amphibious assault.  It was replaced in 1937 with a battery of three 6-inch BL guns.

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