Fomm ir-Rih Redoubt

Posted on January 1, 2023 / 7
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Malta

Fomm ir-Rih Redoubt is located at the Western extreme of the Victoria Lines.  The Redoubt has a Western face that overlooks Fomm ir-Rih Bay.

There was a stone wall with musketry loopholes running down the North side of the Redoubt and this curves round to cover the North West of the position.  The wall on the North side had a deep moat, much of which survives with one section used as a water reservoir.  Most of the original wall has been lost, possibly with the stones being taken for local buildings.  Some foundations can be seen. The South face of the Redoubt appears to have been left without a wall.

The position is overlooked by Kuncizzjoni Redoubt and searchlight position.

Armament included Maxim Machine Guns, so emplacements for there were probably built, similar to San Giovarni Battery.

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