Fort San Salvatore

Posted on March 3, 2024 / 4
Listing Type : Barracks
Location : Malta

Fort San Salvatore is also known as Fort Salvator, San Salvatore Bastion and Our Saviour Fort.  It was a later addition to the Cottonera Lines, being built in 1724.  It is located on a small hill and held protect the approaches to Kalkara Creek.  The Fort is made up of two demi-bastions  built inside the main bastion trace.  During the early 19th Century it was used as a prisoner of war camp, before being used a quarters.  Its use as military quarters (barracks) extended from about 1840 to 1914.  Fort Salvator had three barracks rooms, and some individual casemates for four men in the old Fort.  The adjacent Our Saviour gateway had Salvator Married Quarters and Salvator Barracks.  Adjacent to this old gateway, casemates in the Cottonera Lines were used for the San Lorenzo Married Quarters (TNA WO 78/3618).  The San Lorenzo Married Quarters have now been demolished.

It has not been confirmed but it would appear from satellite imaginary that a 64-pdr MLR gun was mounted on the apex of the Bastion in about 1876.  This area now appears to be covered in old tyres and other rubbish.

Fort San Salvator is privately owned since 1958.  It was badly damaged by Italian and German bombing in World War 2 and the whole site is believed to be in a bad state of repair.  It is covered in concrete prefabricate sections and other industrial waste.

The images of the inside of the Fort were published by  Malta in Decay Facebook page, now closed and the Time of Malta in 2016.

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